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Please ensure that your Breeze profile is up to date with correct contact information. Email, text, and phone contact may be used to communicate about children's and teachers' class schedules.

To update your profile, go to and log in with your user information.  Contact Lauren at if you need to know how to do this.

All volunteers must agree to a CORI check in order to comply with First Parish of Watertown's Child Protection Policy.

Volunteering when we're Virtual

This year, since we are doing Virtual Church, we will ask parents to occasionally volunteer to demonstrate or lead an activity in class or run a breakout room for one of our two groups.

WE STILL need to CORI new volunteers and we still need to have 2 adults in the room at all time. 

Our structure will be: Attend church (the story will be told in church!).  At noon, we will gather for about 45 minutes to 

1. light the chalice (all together)

2. do joys & sorrows (all together)

3. briefly review the story/lesson for today (all together)

4. Breakout rooms for age appropriate weekly activities (about 10-15 minutes:

    a. Through grade 1/age 7 in September

    b. Grades 2-7/ age 8-13 in September

5. Come back together for closing ritual.  Sometimes kids like to stay and hang out, using the white board or chatting.  I will keep the room open until 1pm each Sunday.

So a breakout room leader would just be 'on' for 10-15 minutes.

Special Activities

Each week, there will be one or two "special activities" during our time together or our time in breakout rooms.  These are things that may require a special skill (ie yoga) or special materials (ie demonstrating how to make bubbles from dish detergent).  We would like families to take turns leading these activities.  If you have special skills, please tell us about them in the "gifts" section.  I don't know to ask you if I don't know that unique thing you can do. 

There is a section that says "I cannot teach but I will..."  Please use this section 

1. If you are new to the church.  
2. If you have extenuating circumstances that will keep you from committing to teaching.

If you are nervous about teaching, or have misgivings about being in a classroom for any other reason, please contact Lauren at or 774-286-9573.  I will help you find the right way to serve our growing program and our amazing children that suits you.
Parent 1 Volunteer Information

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The following information pertains to all children in your family. We are optimistically leaving the insurance information here in hopes that someday we may be able to take trips together again.
All effort will be made to contact parents in the event of an emergency. Please provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact in the event we cannot reach you.
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